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Websites for administrations

Building Websites For Communities

Specializing in quality websites for government bodies, associations and organizations.

Meeting all standards

Meeting and Exceeding
WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines

All of our websites are fully compliant with provincial and federal standards for web accessibility and security.


Web Development

Using a modern CMS system that allows for pixel-perfect customization, and a full suite of native technologies minimizing outdated plugins and errors on webpages.

Fully Custom Design

Match your town's branding and personality to a modern design that easily showcases relevant content to your users.

Meeting Web Standards

Backend created with secure modern code standards and allows for native solutions compared to outdated third-party plugins.

Archival Resources

Creating easily searchable record bases for public content of all types including files, resources, permits, videos and more.

Instant Updates

Publish new content in one click, preview live versions of the website as the user would see them and make changes on the fly or set post dates to blogs, articles and more.

Easily Add Content

Add content of all types with ease, from new pages to new posts, add, delete, archive or update content on pages instantly. Built on a true "What You See Is What You Get" web framework.

WCAG 2.0 Level AA

All sites are built in compliance with government standards on the web, meeting and exceeding security, accessibility and usability. Guides for content can be provided.

Focused On Helping
Organizations Communicate Online

Specializing in creating municipal websites that allow governments, organizations and associations to communicate online better.


Bringing Public Sector
Websites To A Higher Standard

We created a way to launch new public sector websites that exceeded WCAG 2.1 AA standards that are well designed and easy to use. Websites that benefit your administration and citizens.

How We Build Your Site

Let us guide you

Supporting Your Website Long
After It Is Live.

We continue to provide web support, new standards and audits after your website is live. We are here to become partners for your online presence at affordable monthly rates that will keep your website fresh and compliant with the ever-changing web standards for the public sector.

Learn About Our Support

More than just a website

Integrations to make your website a tool for citizens.

Native integrations that don't break or need constant updates. Turn your website into a one-stop-shop for all notices, alerts, programs and events.

Pre-Built Modules

Get started with the most common modules for municipal websites. Choose a custom package of modules.

Built For Mobile Devices

Creating responsive integrations for residents to use online tools from anywhere.

Fully Custom

We can integrate almost any software into your website to consolidate your municipality's online tools.

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