Learning sessions

Guiding Your Team Through Your New Website

Our learning sessions can teach your team how to add, update and remove content from the website while maintaining web standards and WCAG guidelines.

Government Websites

Do it yourself

Instantly Update Content As You Need It

Our learning sessions can equip your municipality with the resources to add, update or remove content without having to have a vast knowledge of how websites are built. Add another way to easily inform your citizens about the latest events, alerts and deadlines.

Government Website Municipal Websites

Dedicated Full Time Content manager

Let us take care of it all.

With a monthly retainer depending on the level of content to be updated on your site we can provide full support and management of your website from the content to alerts. A dedicated support line will be established for full-time support of your website, our team will be on call 7 days a week catering to your town's needs online.

Learning Sessions

Creating Content For The Web

For municipalities that our creating content for their residents and presenting that content online, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when writing that content to maintain web standards.

Backend Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Learn how to use the administrative side of your new website, learn the basics of creating new pieces of content, editing existing pieces and learning your way through the different tools that your new website provides.

Website Best Practices

Basic demonstrations of the current best practices for all things online. We believe this knowledge is essential as a baseline for every website editor and content creator to understand how users interact with online tools.

Government Website Municipal Websites

Learning sessions

Learn more about how we support your website long after it is live.

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