WEB Accessibility

Meeting and Exceeding WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines

Learn about the way we create websites that are usable by everyone regardless of any physical limitations.

Government Websites



We closely study the current and upcoming requirements for Government bodies across all provinces. We provide all the necessary and nice-to-haves tools when it comes to creating an online experience that is user-friendly for everybody including those with physical imitations

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ACCESSIBLE from the ground up

Starting with an Accessible foundation.

When creating our websites we always have accessibility in mind from the start of the project so that everything seamlessly adapts to assistant changes on the website, whether it be font size, contrast ratio, screen reader capability, image descriptions and more.

Other Accessibility Tools

Font Size

Provide the ability for the user to increase or decrease the size of text on the page.


Allow users to change between contrast ratios and greyscale to allow for better distinguishing between the content of the site.

Link Highlighting

Allow for users to enable high-contrast colours on links and clickable items for easier navigation of the website.

Screen Reader

Our websites are built for those who use screen readers to easily have content converted into audio.

Printable Pages

All of our web pages include the ability to have a printable version available.

Many Others

As guidelines constantly change we ensure all sites are fitted with the most up-to-date tools available.

Government Website Municipal Websites

Web Design

How we design our sites to create the best user experience.

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