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This page provides an overview of our web development capabilities to meet your town's needs. We specialize in creating websites for government bodies meeting and exceeding all web accessibility standards while creating a modern look that promotes easy user interactivity with the website and it's content.

Government Websites



We closely study the current and upcoming requirements for Government bodies across all provinces. We provide all the necessary and nice-to-haves tools when it comes to creating an online experience that is user-friendly for everybody including those with physical imitations

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Government Website Municipal Websites

Time Frame + buDGET

Getting the services you need, On-Time and at Fair Market Rate

We strive to keep all projects within a reasonable time frame ranging from 3-5 months depending on the size of the project.

Our sites are priced at a flat rate fee structure based on the modules and the complexity of the project. We work with a 50% upfront deposit and 50% once the project has been completed.

Available Modules


Create a database full of searchable resources whether it be minutes, budgets, bylaws and more. Easily add and remove documents of all types and allow for sorting and filtering of these assets.


Directories for business, services and recreational events and locations. We provide a way to easily add and remove listings of all types including map locations, permits and job listings.


If a multilingual website is a requirement for your website we can provide support for all web content (not including uploaded content ex. PDF's) in French and English.

File Downloads

Provide your residents with a way to download and fill out permits, licence applications and more with an easy way to view and download relevant forms and files.


Connect a calendar to your website to keep all residents in the loop about upcoming events. Link calendars to residents' online calendars so they automatically get reminders.

Custom Modules

We can also provide any additional modules or integrations that are required for your website. Get in touch with us about any specific requirements needed in your project.

Government Website Municipal Websites

Web ACCESSIBILITY components

Learn more about the features that makes your website compliant with WCAG Guidelines

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