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How we keep monthly costs low to promote a longterm relationship with your municipality to prevent your online presence from falling behind with the ever-changing online world.

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6 Months Free Warranty For All Sites

For every project we complete we provide free support and coverage for 6 months when you commit to a support contract. We require a long-term plan for support to ensure that all of our projects remain and continue to meet all WCAG requirements.

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The importance of keeping websites supported.

Web support is important across the internet even more so in the MASH sector. With constant changes to security risks, accessibility standards and legislation for municipal websites, we want our clients to always know that their websites are complying with these standards.

On the resident side of a supported website, users will be able to rely on the online tools provided by their municipality to always be current, safe and relevant.

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Accessibility Updates

In many of the provincial legislation regarding websites, they state that a municipality must meet WCAG guidelines. These guidelines are always updating as new web technologies come out and the best practices for building with these tools online change.

Working Links

After years of looking through municipal websites of all sizes, we have grown to hate the broken links that riddle many websites that are live today. We know residents feel the same frustration when they are trying to access content online but instead met with a broken link.


As part of our support we provide guidance and training on how to add content to your website, whether it be pages, documents, alerts or any other content residents would need to access. We can help add new modules if your municipality requires a type of content to be accessed online.

Government Website Municipal Websites

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